Friday, April 20, 2012

engagement rings: celebrity style

While we're on the topic of celebrity engagement rings, I've decided to gather up a list of my favorite celebrity e-bling. In my opinion, many celebrity engagement rings tend to look a like in a sense that regardless of the cut or style, they all have these gigantic, sparkly rocks that their own fingers can barely support. But there are those that are quite unique and truly tasteful. Here are some that caught my eye. 

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr's engagement ring
She is my favorite VS Angel. I love her girl next door vibe...and I love her ring too. I'm usually not a fan of gold jewelry but I think I can make an exemption for this one. Unlike many celeb e-bling which have gigantic blindingly sparkly rocks, Miranda Kerr's is a cluster of small rocks taking the appearance of a flower. It's simple, it's dainty, and I like it. Good job Mr. Bloom! 

The only thing I don't like about this ring is how it stacks against her wedding band. I think she should take a cue from the next celebrity e-blinger...

Rebecca Romijn
Rebecca Romijn's stacked e-ring
I have a thing for stacking rings. That's probably one reason why I love Rebecca Romijn's engagement ring. The ring itself is a canary yellow ring which is already a stunner alone. It actually reminds me very much of Heidi Klum's canary yellow ring from, now ex-husband, Seal. But I think Rebecca's way of wearing it makes it really unique. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt's heirloom engagement ring
Although her engagement eventually fell through, I still love Jennifer Love Hewitt's engagement ring. Aside from having a unique and intricate design, the most significant thing about the ring perhaps is that it is an heirloom piece. Ross McCall, Hewitt's ex-fiancee got the ring from his grandmother and has been in their family for over a century! Wow! 

Princess Diana/Kate Middleton

THE royal ring
Speaking of heirloom rings, perhaps the most recognizable heirloom engagement ring is, of course, Princess Diana's, now Kate Middleton's engagement ring. It is probably the most knocked off ring design there is. But who wouldn't love it right? I was just a speck in the clouds when Princess Diana said "yes" to Prince Charles but based on the stories I heard, Prince Charles actually proposed without a ring. When Diana said yes, he took her to the family jeweler for her to choose the ring that she wants. While other women would probably go for a custom made design with the "-est" (biggest, flashiest, costliest, etc.), the People's Princess opted to go for a catalogue design. And it is this design that is now adorning her daughter-in-law's royal fingers and perhaps future princesses to come. Talk about timeless! 

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth's engagement ring
While we're on the topic of royal engagement rings, how about we take a peak at Queen Elizabeth's. Now, you couldn't get any more royal than that. I think the ring is timelessly impeccable. The diamonds are said to have come from a tiara of Prince Philip's mother. At first glance, I thought the rock was in a sort of pointy oval cut. But it's actually a solitaire cut with smaller cuts on the side. But the way it's put together looks rather seamless. It could be the angle though. There seems to be no other released photo of the piece other than this. I can't seem to find paparazzi-ish shots of the the Queen wearing it...well, she is the queen after all so I wouldn't expect so. 

Jennifer Aniston
Jen Aniston's engagement ring (rings showed on the left are replicas, I believe)
From the royal family, let's move on to Hollywood's version of a royal couple. Well, former royal couple, that is. When Brad Pitt proposed to Jennifer Aniston, he did so with a truly unique piece of jewelry. It was reported that Brad spent months co-designing the spiraling pave band. Honestly, I didn't really like it at first but it kinda grew on me. Plus i like the "eternity" feel of that band leading up to a solitaire in the center. 
(P.S. I think we'll all be hearing more about this ring especially now that the Jolie-Pitts are engaged. As early as now I've been reading so many articles "pitting" the Pitt designed rings against each other. Thoughts?)

Though her marriage to Jesse James was short lived (I always thought theirs was an odd pairing), Jesse did not disappoint when he proposed to Sandra Bullock. The ring has two diamonds intertwined, set on a pave band. 

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham's original e-ring
Don't be confused. Victoria Beckham seems to rotate a multitude of giant rocks on her left ring finger but her original engagement ring was a simple and elegant marquise cut diamond on a gold band. Though I've said that I don't have much of a liking towards gold bands, I think the unique cut and the simplicity of her ring is just gorgeous. I just wish she'd wear it this more rather than those ring pop-ish bling. 

Anna Paquin
Usually, when we think of engagement rings, the first gem that comes to mind is diamond. Trailing behind are probably sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. But it is rather unusual to have engagement rings in moonstone. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer is one celebrity couple who went that unpopular route. Stephen Moyer choose to pop the question with a vintage designed band with a solitare moonstone. Little trivia: in India, moonstones are believed to be sacred. It also symbolizes passion and love between lovers. Whether Moyer chose the stone because of that or just because he prefers it over the traditional rocks, I must say, he did well! 

Zooey Deschanel
I always thought that the likes of Zooey Deschanel, with her hippie girl vibe, would go for a unique and non-traditional style for an engagement ring so I was surprised when her former hubby, Death Cab for Cutie lead, gave her a classic Asscher cut diamond with small diamonds around the band. I was surprised by the choice but I loved it nevertheless. It seems a little traditional looking but hey, if you're going for a traditional style, might as well go for this one! Oh and I love the wedding band they got to match it too! 

So I guess that rounds up my list of celebrity engagement rings that I like. I hope I didn't make you drool too much. Lol!


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